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Hi Everyone, let’s see if I can do this and it will help you in buying, selling, or relocating. As an agent for over 20+ years I can tell you I have seen it all from 13% interest rates to now the 3.5% interest rates, from renting was better than buying, buying was better than renting, a seller’s market, a buyer’s market , to moving to new states and venturing into the unknown. As agents please respect us in our jobs as we do in yours, we do not just wake up one day and become a licensed agent. We have intense classes that last over several weeks, we have to go take a national test and beyond that we have to continue our education in order to maintain our licenses we are not grandfathered in to anything we have to earn it. So if you are out there looking and you are working with an agent please show them respect and complete your task with them. We get no pay checks each week, we like most businesses have people who will tell you thinks to get you away from another agent and in the long run the one you started with will have your best interest at heart! I can promise you as I do with all my clients I work for them, to insure they get the best they can get. Look forward to our next blog where I will give you hints on how to get ready to sell your home and also a new recipe for your family. Keep Blogging!